Clemency Project 2014

News Release ~ 1/19/2016

Clemency Project 2014 Statement Regarding the U.S. Pardon Attorney

Notwithstanding the change of leadership in the Office of the Pardon Attorney, Clemency Project 2014 strongly believes in President Obama’s commitment to the clemency initiative his administration announced in early 2014. Indeed, Clemency Project 2014 remains heartened by the publicly stated commitment of the White House and the President personally to the clemency initiative and that this effort will likely be an important part of his Presidential legacy. Accordingly, we look forward to a steady and growing stream of commutations during the balance of President Obama’s term in office. The Project has nothing but praise for Deborah Leff’s skill and hard work during her tenure as Pardon Attorney. And the Project hopes that her successor will be equally committed to the work of that office and the success of the President's clemency initiative.


Update: Clemency Project 2014 congratulates Robert Zauzmer on being named the new pardon attorney and looks forward to working with him on this important effort.